Safety Goals, Responsibilities, and Enforcement

The primary goal of Ment Bros. Iron Works Co., Inc. is to continue operating a profitable business while protecting employees from injuries, illness or harm.  This can be achieved in part by delegating responsibility and accountability to all involved in this company’s operations.  We believe safety begins at the top and flows downward throughout the company along two lines – Responsibility and Accountability.

Responsibility:  Having to answer for activities and results.

Accountability: The actions taken by management to insure the execution of responsibilities.

In other words, to reach our goal of a providing a safe workplace, everyone needs to take responsibility and be held accountable.

In reaching these goals we can achieve these benefits:

  1. Minimize injuries and accidents
  2. Minimize loss of property and equipment
  3. Eliminate potential fatalities
  4. Eliminate potential permanent disabilities
  5. Eliminate potential OSHA fines’
  6. Reduce workers’ compensation costs
  7. Reduce operating costs
  8. Optimizing safety and health conditions in the work place


  1. Provide appropriate safeguards and personal protective equipment
  2. Provide field personnel with effective training on company safety policies
  3. Become familiar with applicable and current OSHA standards
  4. Assign authorized individuals to implement the safety program
  5. Maintain accident records and complete all required OSHA forms
  6. Analyze accident records for trends
  7. Promote safety education on all levels

Field Supervision/Foremen

  1. Monitor employee activity to ensure safety program is carried out
  2. Review safety rules and how to handle emergency procedures at each jobsite with field crews
  3. Take immediate action to correct safety rule violations
  4. Observe employees to ensure they perform their work safely and to prevent bad work habits from developing
  5. Correct or control hazardous conditions within work areas impacting company employees
  6. Encourage workers to report unsafe conditions or procedures
  7. Be a good example to others by always wearing PPE pertinent to work being performed and using equipment safely
  8. Conduct safety tool box talks.

Job Safety Analysis of each Installation

  1. Break down a job or task into itemized, well defined steps
  2. Identify the potential hazards that could present themselves when each step is carried out
  3. Identify methods to eliminate or prevent hazards from happening